Monday, 29 February 2016

Week 4 Reflection Term 1

What: Last week me and 13 other people went on the Waimarie with the fabulous Miss Morris. I was sitting next to Jake and Pera most of the way there. Also last week we had a community picnic. I had pizza. I had cheese supreme. Also last week I got head of school. My friend Jake got school leader. It was pretty big for us.

So what: I learnt that the Waimarie sunk for 60 years.

Now what:  I have not achieved my goal which is brearth-stroke because I did not practice enough.Image result for Waimarie


  1. That is a lot of information.

  2. Hi Corbin. That is a lot of information, I like your picture.

  3. Wow Corbin I like how you told us heaps about the Waimarie trip.