Friday, 11 September 2015

Weekly reflection T3W8

What: This week we have been learning social dancing. The dances we have learnt are the disco jive, the fox trot, and the  cha cha cha. We have learnt the e minor and d chords on our ukulele. The year 6 children went to Wanganui Intermediate School. We had 5 groups. They were art, cooking, hard materials, science and robotics. we have been practicing for our assembly item which in on Monday.

So What: We have learnt some dances in social dancing. We have learnt the e minor and d chords on the ukulele. We have learnt how to do an observational drawing of a ukulele, and we started to color these in with pastels. We blended our colors with pastels.
Image result for social dancing cartoon


  1. Awesome Corbin. I like your picture. Were did you get the picture from?

  2. Wow! I like your picture Corbin because it looks like the picture is fighting someone.

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