Friday, 7 August 2015

Weekly reflection T3W3

What: This week we had the expo at Cartlon. I was in the picmonkey, toodoo, sumopanit and be funky stall. Picmonkey was the most popular thing at our stall. I had so much fun at the expo with my friends. Did you see our expo? Also this week we had ukulele lessons with Mr Berryman. We learnt one chord which was c7 and the other chords are a c, a-m, f and g7.  Also this week we watched a video about art. We watched a clip about what is art.

So what:I learnt the art can be anything.

Now what: I have not achieved my goal because I got sent out once.
Image result for ukulele


  1. Hi Corbin, I Iike how you said the cords. Good job Corbin keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Corbin I like your photo of the ukulele'. Its super awesome. I like your detail too. It's excellent.

  3. Hi Corbin you have a lot of detail in it. Keep trying and keep it up.

  4. Hi Corbin, Do you think G7 is hard? I think G7 is hard.