Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cross Country

1 2 3 BOOM!!! Off we go. Let the Carlton Cross Country begin. Off I  went. I was coming in 3rd until we got to the trees when I took a tumble on the slippery mud. I got back up and I started running. I stared speeding up to claim my position in 3rd but Riley started sprinting too. So I slowed down and stared jogging but then Jarell passed me. I stared running and I stared getting faster but when I got to the corner Riley just got out to the path. I was feeling so nervous because I thought I was going to fall over and go all the way to 10th. When we got to the strip going into the school. I stared jogging my fastest. I got in school and I sprinted off and when I got to the final strip I sprinted. So I claimed the 6th position.  

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