Friday, 19 June 2015

Weekly reflection T2W9

What: This week we made some star art. The first thing we did is cut the outside and the inside of the star. We put the wool in the middle, we stuck them on then we stuck the star together and then we put tinfoil around it. When we finish we will hang them up in the class. Also this week we hosted assembly. I got up and said Theo an Michael will now share their character description. My favourite part was when the monster song came on and it was funny because it was like bubble and crackly and I like the chorus. Also this week we did Jump Jam with Miss Quigley. I was one of the ones that did good in Jump Jam. My favourite person was Jaxon. He did good. My favourite song was the Halloween on because we got to go on a wild goose chase.

So What: I learnt how to make a star. I learnt how to do it because I listened to the instructions.

Now What: I have achieved my goal. My new goal is to not get sent out for the week and to not get in trouble.
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