Friday, 5 June 2015

Weekly Reflection T2W7

What: This week room 15 & 5 went to the Museum and the Art Gallery. First went to the Museum and we went in to the theater to learn cool facts about stars. Then we went to the cosmodome and looked close up at stars and watch a scary video about a black hole. Then we went to the Art Gallery. First we went to look at a person called Alec's O'Neil to learn about her art. Then we went to do some cross stitching. Also this week we had miss Palmer and Mr Colllinson. With Mr Collinson we learnt a new game. Also this week we did some report comments for Mrs Larsen about what we could do in reading writing and maths.

So what:I learnt how to cross stitch and I learnt what a cosmdome is.

Now what I have not achieved my goal because it was raining. My goal was running.
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