Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Museum Story

In class we have been learning how to recraft our stories. Here is my story. The colours show where I have recrafted my story.
Museum Story

Broom Broom the bus took off to the museum at 10.30 on Monday. Room 2 and Room 15 were really excited to learn about family treasures for our inquiry.

When Room 2 and 15 got off the bus, we speedly walked into the museum and met Margie.. Margie was the teacher until lunch time. Before we walked into the theatre Margie told us about the carvings in the entrance and that the carvings can be family treasures too. Margie told us what why we were at the museum and what family treasure are.

After Margie took us to the theatre. She showed us a slideshow of family treasures. .Margie told us family treasures can be anything like books, photos, games and even memories.

After that  we did a treasure hunt. We had to buddy up with someone in the class. I buddied up with Jake. We had to find stuff like a doll house guns and all sorts. We had to tick the things off on the piece on a paper.

Before the bus came Margie walked  Room2 and Room 15 up the hill and we saw a memorial for people that died in the war. I thought the memorial was precious to the families of people that died in war. Then we made our way back to school.

I was excited because I got to learn new things and I got to see peoples family treasures.

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  1. Corbin I like it how you made a story and then re-crafted it to make it more interesting.